What Is A Mortice Deadlock? Plus Factors That Will Help You Identify It

What Is A Mortice Deadlock? Plus Factors That Will Help You Identify It Mortice Deadlock  Mortice Deadlock Lockwiz 24/7 Locksmith Stafford Locksmith Locks Emergency Locksmith 24 Hour Locksmith

What Is A Mortice Deadlock? Plus Factors That Will Help You Identify It

One may be curious to know the kind of lock that is installed in their front as well as the back door. There various types of door locks including the mortice. Each kind of lock has unique characteristics that set them apart from the rest of the other locking systems. What is a mortice deadlock? This is a type of lock that is made in such a way that there is a pocket at the edge of a door into which the locking unit is fitted.

These locks were used in the olden days but have recently regained popularity and are now used on residential as well as commercial buildings. The lock has a sprung latch that is non-locking which is operated by your door handle. This locking unit is known as a mortice sash-lock. There is a simpler version of this array that does not require a handle or latch, which is termed as a mortice deadlock.

The locks are commonly installed on wooden doors and usually require a key to open and close the door. The good thing about these locks is that they are installed within the wooden door. Certain locks are approved by the BS3621 British standard and there are those that do not. Those that are not BS3621 approved have a night-latch lock installed as an added security measure.

The night-latch fitted as a secondary lock must be a night latch that has been approved by the British standard institute. It is important to note that a five lever deadlock is not as secure as a mortice deadlock that conforms to BS3621. The lock that is BS3621 approved usually has a hard plate that acts as a protective measure against drilling.

There are crucial factors that will be able to help you identify a five-lever mortice deadlock. You have to note that this type of lock will not be found on uPVC as well as composite doors. The factors to look out for include a wooden door. The locking unit can only be fitted into a door that is made from wooden material. The next factor that you will check out is if the lock uses a key to open it.

The key should be able to lock and open your door from either side. The other unique feature about these locks is that the lock is fitted within the material of your door. The locking unit has to be installed on the leading edge of your door and not at the surface.

You have to check and see the number of levers that have been stamped on the face-plate of your lock. It should indicate that it is a five lever lock. The good thing about the fiver lever lock is that it is more secure and there is no room for key duplication. And it is for this reason that it is approved by the British standards institute.

These are some of the vital facts about this locking unit. The information above will ensure you are in the best position to identify this type of lock. If you are still confused about the right lock to install, you can call or visit a local locksmith to find out more information.

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