What Is Lock Snapping And How To Prevent It

What Is Lock Snapping And How To Prevent It Anti Snap Locks  Lockwiz 24/7 Locksmith Local Locksmith Emergency Locksmith Break in Anti Snap Locks

What Is Lock Snapping And How To Prevent It

One of the least secure features in any home is the sliding glass door. This is all the more true when this door is located on a ground floor and in a poorly lit location. Even though these sliders have reliable locks installed, they are not built to resist any significant amount of force. If you own such an entryway, you may be wondering, “What is lock snapping and how to prevent it?”.

To enter into a property via one of these entrances, a person needs only to push firmly against the door, much like he or she would when sliding an unlocked unit open. Exerting excess force on standard locks for these products causes them to snap. This is due to a natural deficiency in their design that has yet to be addressed by many sliding door manufacturers.

One of the major risks with these doors is that a lot of vandals and thieves are all too aware of this inherent vulnerability. This is why they often target homes that have visible sliders. They know that transgressing these ingresses is a lot easier than attempting to break down front doors. Moreover, it can be done fairly stealthily as well.

Knowing that this is an issue and understanding that you might have the standard Euro locks that create it, you probably have a lot less peace of mind. The good news is that you can prevent break-ins via these entrances by making a single and relatively low-cost change. A reputable locksmith can install an anti-snap lock.

Anti-snap locks are made with specifically this problem in mind. No matter how much force a person exerts on them, the locking mechanism will not break and the home will remain inaccessible. Moreover, anyone present within the property should be able to hear the sounds of a failed effort and can promptly call local law enforcement agencies.

Beyond giving you more peace of mind while you are in the home, this can also put your mind at ease while you are away. If you plan on taking an extended vacation, you should definitely think about making this particular upgrade before you go. Even with no one physically in the home, your property and the assets it contains will remain safe.

Making this upgrade can even have a positive impact on your home insurance premiums. Once this vulnerable entrance has been fortified, you will be less likely to have a claim-related event. Certain insurers will even drop the costs of policies right away, once they’ve been informed that this important change has been made.

Sadly, home break-ins continue to be a major issue in certain areas. The best way to prevent them is by properly securing all access points. While you might love the natural light and convenience that a sliding door provides, you should know that standard locks on these units are glaringly insufficient. With just a single and fairly low-cost upgrade, you can continue enjoying this feature and without the fear of having your home be targeted for a break-in.

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