What Are Insurance Graded Locks And Why You Might Need Them

What Are Insurance Graded Locks And Why You Might Need Them Insurance Graded Locks  Lockwiz 24/7 Locksmith Local Locksmith Insurance Graded Locks Emergency Locksmith

What Are Insurance Graded Locks And Why You Might Need Them

One of the first and most important things for every homeowner to do is to make sure that they have a rock solid security plan in place. As you start amassing assets, and your property is definitely one of these, you want to have a sure way of protecting them. As you learn more about your different options in security products, you may find yourself wondering exactly what are insurance graded locks.

These are locks that have been approved by insurance companies as not being easy for burglars, vandals and other ill-intentioned parties to bypass. Once they are installed, people do not have to worry about having anyone bypass their efforts to secure entry points. Keep in mind that these are the very first places that people check when casing your home to determine whether or not it’s a worthwhile and accessible target.

Another very vital benefit of these products is that they can actually get you a discount on your home insurance premiums. Anything that you do to lower the risk of a break-in is going to benefit you in this area. By making sure that your locks have been insurance graded, you can trust that they will qualify your for these often significant savings.

It is important to know where locks like these are generally best applied. Some of the most vulnerable entry points in any new home include the windows and doors. This is especially true when standard-grade PVC doors are installed. These come fitted with standard cylinder locks that can be snapped with the application of a very modest amount of pressure.

When a cylinder lock snaps it can be rendered absolutely useless if it has multiple locking points. Sadly, most standard cylinder locks have several locking points and this makes them notoriously easy to break. Replacing these features will make it far more difficult for any unauthorized party to enter your home and disturb your peace.

A minor upgrade like this one is always best when it is done in a preventative and proactive fashion. This is definitely not a change that you’ll want to wish for in hindsight. The costs of swapping an old and poorly designed lock out are far cheaper than dealing with the hardship and aftermath of a break-in.

One thing to know is that standard forms of new construction often have cylinder locking mechanism on their PVC windows and doors. This is a cheap options for builders and one that can be easily acquired in sufficiently large quantities for completing large-sized developments. Despite just how common these features are, however, they wind up being substandard in terms of the protection they supply.

By making this change, you can make everyone in your home feel much safer. More importantly, you can avoid break-ins and you can also save considerable sums on your monthly or yearly home insurance premiums. As an added benefit, products like these can also make your property surprisingly more marketable and easier to sell, which makes then the perfect add-on if you intend to put your investment on the market in the near future.

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