What To Do If You Have Been Burgled

What To Do If You Have Been Burgled Burglary  Lockwiz 24/7 Lock Repair Local Locksmith burglary Break in

What To Do If You Have Been Burgled

If you’ve recently had someone break into your house and steal some items that were near and dear to your heart, you’ll need a quick checklist to help get yourself through this ugly event. In thinking about what to do if you have been burgled, there are several options you should consider right away. This gives you the best chance of getting back to a normal life as quickly as possible without feeling depressed and anxious.

You should of course get to safe area alongside your family. If the burglary appears to have occurred recently, then you’ll want to make this your first priority. Though it may be tempting to enter the house, move your family away from the property to maintain your own security.

Call the police as soon as you realize that a break-in has taken place. Most local police departments will respond right away, and an officer should be sent to your house relatively quickly. Let them handle the situation and do not attempt to solve the crime on your own.

Once the police have cleared your home, you can begin moving from room to room and making a list of the items that have been taken. Make sure that the list is as comprehensive as possible, as it may later be used for insurance purposes. Ensure that the items have indeed been stolen and not misplaced by someone in the family before the burglary occurred. With an accurate list, the confusion will be lessened, and it will be easier to potentially recover the stolen items in the future.

You can assist the investigation started by the police by answering any and all questions as honestly as possible. If there people who you suspect might be central to the break-in at your property, mention these potential suspects to the police. They can then do the investigatory work that can potentially bring people to justice.

Always make contact with the insurance company as soon as possible. You’ll need to file a claim for what has been stolen so that you can be compensated as fully and as justly as possible. One of the insurance agents can work with you in this regard and make sure that your claim is reviewed and then paid as efficiently as possible. They’ll give you a tracking number so that you can keep track of the claim’s progress through the system.

If the actual infrastructure of the house has been damaged, you’ll need to work with other family members and potentially with outside contractors to clean up the mess. This is especially true if walls and floors have been damaged. Overturned drawers and appliances can often be placed back in the proper spot with a little bit of muscle.

You will ultimately want to think fast once a burglary has occurred. By showing concern for the safety of your family first, you can deal with everything else afterward. Calling both the police department and your insurance company will get the ball rolling and help you feel better about the future.

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